Story Submission

Thank you for taking the time to submit a story to the Rett Safe Space Community. Every additional story uploaded helps countless number of other people in similar situations.

By providing your contact information other people can text or email you about your story and you have the opportunity to share and bond over experiences. Creating these type of friendships can be very beneficial for everyone.

After uploading a story, it will be read through to make sure it is eligible for the website and it will be uploaded to community page within a few days. Please make sure your files are readable and all fields are filled out. If you select to stay anonymous, there will be no way to contact if a file or any information was unreadable which could result in your story not getting posted. To prevent this, you can provide your email address in the last field of this form.

If you would like to add a picture along with your story (it is encouraged), please email with the subject being your story title and name if you provided it along with the submission of your story. The image may be of yourself and/or the sibling diagnosed with Rett Syndrome and other family members.

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